Our passion... Giant Schnauzers

Pierre - Marie - Giant Schnauzers GéantsMore than 35 years ago, we fell in love with the breed of Giant Schnauzers and since, we spent most of our energy and efforts.

Our goal: to produce Giant Schnauzers in perfect health and meeting the highest standards of the breed.

Our first Giant Schnauzer was born in 1979. At that time, we participated in obedience trials and we earned some titles such as "High In Trial". Then we changed our goals to conformation competition and we went up to win some "Best In Show" titles. We travelled a lot and we still are travelling in Canada and the United States. These competitions were the best thing to make friends and get the knowledge and experience for making the selections for the best the breeding specimens. These specimens brought us the qualities that we find in our puppies.

We are happy to show you the results of our efforts and hoping that one of our Schnauzers will bring you the joy and pleasure that you are looking for.